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Access to Agva is very easy now. Agva, which is 97 kilometers from Istanbul, can be accessed through the road most of which is highway.

Between Sile - Agva
Between Sile - Agva
Between Sile - Agva

If you have a private vehicle, then below you can find several routes we can recommend to you:

• 1st Route

Follow the Umraniye-Sile road. After Sile, follow the route of Kabakoz, Imrenli, Akcakese and Kurfalli by using coastal road that goes to Agva. You can come to Agva after a total of one and half hour.

• 2nd Route

Turn to the way that turns right before coming to Sile, immediately after you pass Pot River. You can follow Teke route by following Ovacik, Imrendere Route.

• 3rd Route

Follow Umraniye-Sile road, after Sile you can follow Teke route by using the mountain road that goes to Agva.

In fact, you can follow different routes for each time you go to Agva and see different beauties between Sile and Agva.

Click picture to see map between Istanbul - Agva

If you have no private vehicle, you can access Agva by bus too.

Sile-Agva buses leaves Istanbul Harem 45 minutes and 1 hour intervals, they bring passengers to Sile firstly and to Agva secondly in a safe manner by using the same road. In week days you travel mostly with people of the district. For more information you can apply station at Harem from which buses leaves for Agva:

Tel: (216) 334 11 24 - 391 13 47


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