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Agva provides you a lot of activity opportunity with its clean nature, very blue sea and its unique river:

Because it is located between two rivers, Agva is a fishing heaven. You can have a perfect day by fishing both in river and sea. We think, do not forget to bring a fishing line when you come to Agva.  
You can swim freely in Agva that has one of the cleanest seas of Istanbul, when the summer warmth comes. If you want you can swim in floating water of Black Sea or you can compete with turtles, fishes and ducks in clean waters of Göksu River.  
Natural racecourses of Agva provides many alternatives for people who want to make trekking, with Kilimli and Kadirga bays, forests around, cascades, caves and other natural beauties that are waiting for discovery.  
You can have trips in unique nature of Agva and you can discover undiscovered places.  
You can have a trip in Göksu River by a boat you can hire or enjoy the river with canoe and sea bicycle.  
Agva that have wolf, jackal, wild pig, fox, and a lot of bird species, is very rich in terms of hunting too…  
You may be sad when you come to Agva if you have not your photograph machine with you. With its unique nature Agva provides unbelievable scenes to everyone who is interested in photography both in an amateur or professional manner.  
One of the most joyous activities that might be done in Agva is seeing very blue sky by listening to the sound of nature when one lays on hammock, pillows or grass.  


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