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With its nature, Göksu and Yesilcay Rivers that flow on two sides, very blue sea of Black sea it faces and very delicious fishes, Agva is a natural miracle that is on the northeast of Istanbul.

Agva that takes only 97 kilometers from Istanbul is one of the virgin places that are in Sile district. Although, it was seen as a place for summer holidays by people from Istanbul, now Agva is a very green dream that is the first preference of people who want to escape from the noise of the city in winter and to have a holiday in a peaceful environment…

Perhaps the most attractive side of this beautiful district that was established on the delta formed on the place where Göksu and Yesilcay Rivers coming from Cal Hill of Izmit meet Black Sea is very green shores of these rivers. Hotels and restaurants have been established here, and all the activities of the district happen here.

Transition place for Civilizations

Agva is a district that has been a transition place for several civilizations such as Hittite Empire, Phrygians, Romans and Ottomans. It is possible to see remnants of the history that goes back to 7th century B.C. in near villages of Agva. Remnants of the church and grave stones that belongs to Romans in Kalemköy, Gürlek Cave that has been discovered in the late of 3rd century and the beginning of 4th century, castle remnant in Hisar Tepe, mountain mill in Sungulu quarter are important findings. It is said that in the second half of 14th century Turkoman tribes coming from Konya, Karaman and Balikesir came and settled in Agva. People from Agva today are known as grand sons of these tribes.

Perfect Environment

Agva has a beach of 3 kilometers next to Black Sea. Sea is very clean because most of residential areas have been located in inner areas and within pines. Beach always waits for you with its purest state.

It is a region in which forests and nature is together and the oxygen level is very high. It has a natural beach, perfect green environment, virgin bays, small islands and forests. Carpet Bay, Bride Stone, Hidden Lake are among placed that should be discovered. It is called Bride Stone because it is white and looks like a bride with veil.

It is an ideal place for active people

If you are interested in fishing, Agva shore is very appropriate for you. You will taste several fishes. You can find all kinds of fish here because it is near Black Sea and it has been established between two rivers. The most important things you will pay attention to in the center of Agva will be fishing boats. You can meet with fishers, have tea together, and even go to fishing together. You can always find fresh fish in the facilities in the district.

In Agva that is ready to be discovered with its unique nature, you can make water sports (canoe in river and sea bicycle in summer and winter), fitness in winter, trekking an hunting. Agva that is very appropriate for activities such as trekking in the forest, running, bicycle, camping, is ideal for people that want to swim in floating water of Black Sea. Agva in which you can see turtles, gazelles, wolf, jackal, wild pig, fox and several bird species is very appropriate for hunting. Breathing clean air, walking on the beach that is said to be beneficial to rheumatism, tasting delicious fishes at the restaurants near the rivers should not be omitted during your visit to Agva.

Market is established on Friday in Agva. In this market you can find products that are cultivated by people from Agva. These products are hormone free and healthy. In addition you can buy very famous bread from the 70 years old bakery in Aynali Bazaar. You cannot find the taste of this bread in any other place.

You may repent when you see the very green nature and the rivers that flow into Black Sea between trees if you have not your camera with you when you visit Agva.


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